Bullying in Elementary Schools

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Bullying in Elementary Schools

People hear the word class bully and the majority think of kids fist fighting in the schoolyard, or the mean kid taking lunch money from those they can push around, but this abusive behavior is far more severe than the fist fighting in the schoolyard, or the lunch money being taken from a classmate. This type of behavior has become more aggressive and dangerous than it was twenty years ago. We as adults need to change the perception that bullying at school is a part of life and those victims just need to toughen up. This behavior starts at home; therefore, it must be stopped at home.

The stakes are high, without intervention, bullying behavior persists overtime: a child who is a bully in kindergarten is often a bully in elementary school, high school and beyond. Such behaviors are not without consequences. The career bullies are not only more likely than their peers to either end up in juvenile detention, or serve prison time as adults, they also tend to suffer from depression.

Children who are routinely victimized exhibit higher levels of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts than do non-victims. Such statistics highlight the importance of being able to identify at-risk children and assesses the effectiveness of interventions.

Stanford University Medical Center conducted a survey on elementary students and found that 9 out of 10 students had been bullied by their peers. What’s more, nearly six in ten children surveyed in the preliminary study reported participating in some type of bullying themselves. (Stanford, Calif. Business Wire. New York: Apr 12, 2007).

The survey explored two forms of bullying: direct, such as threatening physical harm, and indirect, such as excluding someone or spreading rumors. The researchers said the five-minute questionnaire is the first simple, reliable way for teachers and physicians to identify kids at risk and to measure the success of interventions aimed at reducing bullying in...

Bibliography: Stanford, Calif. Business Wire. New York: Apr 12, 2007
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