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Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Victimisation Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Alexander Agee
Anika Coniglio
March 21, 2015
English 1010


What causes bullying? Is it built into the human genome to seek out those we consider different then us and to torment them? Or is it something that we can control as a society? An analysis of the school systems reveal a shocking amount of peer on peer bullying which is caused by a couple different reasons.

Being different is a huge cause of bullying. Whether it’s physical appearance, the way you speak, choice of hobbies, the list is endless. Kids are taught at a young age that to be different is wrong. This is taught to them by various sources. One such source is media like the tv and internet. On television shows the kid who is typically the victim of bullying is the one who stands out. This can be in the form of the person wearing glasses or even talks to much. This not only singles those types of personalities out in the television but also in the mind of the one watching it. When they see those types of personalities in their daily life they subconsciously remember how the person was treated on television and then think it’s ok to act toward them how they saw on tv.

Another important cause of bullying is the persons home life. If a person is bullied at home they are more likely to bully someone else. They think it is ok because they get treated like that and think that it is normal. Or on the opposite end of that spectrum they bully others because they get a sense of power from bullying someone they don’t get at home when they are the victim.

A recent trend of bullying has been cyber bullying. With the prevalence of social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram the bully doesn’t even have to be in the same room as the victim anymore. They can send it all through the comfort of their phone or laptop. The ability to anonymously harass people makes them feel safe and often times forget or don’t realize theirs a person on the other end of the statement they are...
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