Bullying and Worldwide Issue

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Verbal abuse Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Why Bullying Is Bad

“Na, Na, Na, Boo, Boo. Stop it. No cause you’re stupid.” This is a worldwide issue. Kids are suffering in schools thinking that they are the ones who are ugly or stupid. You may know what this is or you may have been a part of it…BULLYING! What is bullying

Bullying is a form of combative behavior, which is hurtful, stressful, and threating. Can we help stop it? Yes. What does bullying look like
Bullying looks like… hitting, slapping, spitting, damaging property, or even attacking someone by hitting or yelling at them. Bullying is when someone is repeatedly verbally or physically abused.

Why Do People Bully?
I think that people bully because the person they are bullying the bully just wants to steel their life, want to copy their friends, think that bullying will fit them in or even think they are vast and hardy than the kid they are bullying. Remember bullying can happen to anyone at any age.

What types are bullies?

I have six types of bullying.
The first one is CYBER BULLING. Cyber Bullying is done by sending messages, pictures, or private information about someone. The second one is PHYSICAL BULLYING. It includes hitting, kicking, tripping, pinching, pushing, or damaging property. The third one is VERBAL BULLYING. Verbal Bullying includes name-calling, insults, teasing, theorizing, drastic remarks, or Verbal abuse. The fourth one is CONVERTING BULLYING. Convert Bullying is often harder to recognize and can be carried behind the bullied persons back. It is designed to harm someone’s social humiliation. Convert Bullying includes lying, spreading rumors, negative facial expression, and playing nasty jokes embarrass, humiliate, and simulate unkindly.

The fifth one is INTIMIDATION. When a bully threatens someone else and frightens that person enough to make him/her do what the bully wants. The last one is SOCIAL ALIENATION. When a bully excludes someone from a group on purpose. It also includes a bully spreading rumors...
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