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April 14, 2012
Kids today have it so much easier than kids in the fifties and the sixties. They aren’t affected by the poverty, poor education equality, and racism that caused many kids to fight against each other and the system. Children today struggle to keep up with the latest fashion and their image of popularity. One of the most alarming struggles that kids are faced with today is the hurt that they place on each other for many different and menial reasons. Bullying has many effects on the victim physically, psychologically and socially. Bullying, according to (Shores 2012) is a force and/or verbal threats that is used to compel a child or adolescent to do something that he or she does not wish to do and/or to humiliate the victim, usually in front of others of about the same age. There are physical effects of bullying that are sometimes seen. There are many deep routed effects that go unseen but affect every aspect of the victim. There are also some physical effects of bullying that unfortunately are seen too late. Some of the reasons why children get bullied are:

* Being fat, thin, tall or short
* Being quiet or creative
* Having big or small ears
* Being from a different culture or having a different religion or ethnicity * Having different tastes or likes
* Having the "wrong" clothes (wearing clothes that are not "cool" at the time) * Wearing glasses or braces
* Being homosexual-or believed to be gay or lesbian
* Being unwilling to use strength to defend him or herself * Any imaginative "excuse" (www.samhsa.gov/bullying)
“Some of the physical effects of bullying can be seen and has caused a serious awakening in our society’. Some physical aspects of bullying are displayed in pushing, hitting, stealing and unwanted touching (Shores, 2012). This has caused more kids being seen by their pediatrician and more incidents with school nurses. This apparently will have a rise in doctor’s cost and insurance premiums. Other forms of bullying show themselves as social bullying which looks like scapegoating, rudely or sarcastically excluding somebody from a group, public humiliation by way of gestures or graffiti (Shores, 2012). The physical acts of bullying most often lead to the changing of the victim’s behavior. Many physical acts of bullying lead to the victim often times avoiding social situations in an attempt to avoid the bully. One study found that 8% of eight graders in the US missed at least one day of school per month for fear of bullies (Anonymous, 2008). This is reported by those victims who are willing to admit they are bullied. There are many victims who will not admit fear of bullies yet avoid different social situation because of the bully. Like, when Pecola was harassed by a group of boys who teased her because of her place in society, but this is still very common in today’s society. Kids avoid riding the school bus, avoid playing outside, and avoid making friends and socializing with friends because of the negative impact of bullying. These physical attacks with bullying unfortunately lead to even more violent and irreversible impacts on the victim or the bully. Bullying has been the cause of many violent and devastating acts of young people today. Sammy Breedlove was a victim of bullying. He became distant and did not socialize with anyone, including his family. He ran away from home often in attempts to escape the pain and anger he was feeling. There has been a link to many serious schools incidents and many suicides among youth to bullying. According to a bullying website, harassment and bullying have been linked to 75% of school- shooting incidents (www.makebeatsnotbeatdowns.com) (2009). With the rise in school shootings and incidents of children bringing weapons to school, we have to take notice of how important of an issue bullying has become. Bullying...

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