Bully Prevention Program

Topics: High school, Bullying, Middle school Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Bully Prevention Program
Jawhara Pugh
Wilmington University
Professor: Paul Lasorsa

This paper is a critique of an article that featured a school counseling program that has implemented a school wide bully prevention program. The program was started by the school counselor as she began to see how bullying has become one of the most serious issues facing our schools today. This program has become successful at the Midway elementary school in Utah, because it is ran off of four hallmarks which are: Lead to systematic change, garner commitment for all, teach comprehensive strategies and skills and continue year after year. Within the paper, I will discuss my belief of the succession of this type of program in an elementary school setting in inner city Philadelphia schools.

Bully Prevention Program
In recent years, bullying within schools has become one of the most serious issues we have been faced with. Data shows that children as young as age 11 have committed suicide because they were no longer able to deal with the pressure of being bullied. Because of this and other factors involving school bullying, congress have begun to work on a legislation called the safe school improvement act, which require schools to collect data and establish certain guidelines regarding disciplinary actions and they must also come up with a system to register complaints to combat bullying within their schools. However, since this is not a law that has been enacted, Brent Burnham, a school counselor at Midway Elementary School in Midway, Utah has decided to implement her own school wide bullying prevention program at her school. The bully prevention program at Midway elementary was implemented 7 years ago. Within the program, Burnham has developed four core principles that she believes has made their program successful. The first of the four principles is, lead to systematic change. This principle says that there...

References: Burnham, Brent. (2011, July 1). School wide bully prevention program. http://schoolcounselor.membershipsoftware.org/article_content.asp?article=1215.
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