Bullet in the Brain

Topics: Mother, Love, Robbery Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: April 27, 2008
In the story “Bullet in the Brain”, we read about Anders. He has a choice between life and death but because of his carnality, it causes him his life. As a bank is being robbed, he acts out very disturbingly, which causes one of the bank robbers to shoot him in the brain. We read about the journey in his brain, which sheds light on his past and most of all his family. Anders left behind a daughter and wife, but he does not remember the love he once had for the both of them. I believe he loved his wife but may have grown a bit of anger towards her since he described her as being “predictable”. He loved his daughter and when she was younger, he could probably see some of himself in her. Which may have caused him to be a little scared and withdrawn from her. He once had a relationship with his family but through all his anger and self-hatred, he forgot about them or even distances himself from them. He didn’t really care about anyone but himself, which caused him to be angry, sarcastic and ultimately forget what his family meant to him. He truly lacked the importance of what a family was In the story “Viewfinder”, the narrator tells us about a photographer he meets with no hands who take pictures of homes for a living. He finds that the man with no hands is very talented and they begin to talk and open up to one another. The narrator is very lonely, because his family left him all alone. He has to come to terms that they were never coming back. He has no ties to his family only memories. The photographer may have later become his friend. He longs to have someone around. However, they may have died or just up and left him for some reason or another. He probably once knew how important a family was but didn’t realize it until they were actually gone. In the story “Gravity”, we read about Theo, he’s a young man living with aids. He had problems with seeing as a child and with the disease his vision got worse, almost leaving him blind. He had the choice between a...
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