Bullard Houses

Topics: Apartment, Housing, Sales Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: February 24, 2015
Pre-negotiation Analysis for Bullard Houses
Jiahui Jiang
Part I
1. Your Client’s (Absentia) Interests
Not to reveal your client’s interest in Gotham
Not to reveal your client’s identification
Not to reveal your client’s BATNA
Rights to change the zone area into commercial use
2. Other Parties’ Interests
Save houses from destruction, maintain their historical structure Reputation
Maintain the symbol of power and privilege
Eventually sell houses to a condominium developer
Solve the problem of low cash flow
Sell houses as soon as possible
3. Questions to Ask
What is your primary concern for keep Bullard Houses for residential use? Why do you think that converting Bullard Houses to commercial use is not acceptable? What kind of buyer are you looking for?

4. Potential Weakness and How to Address the Weakness
Downtown’s refusal to rezone the site from mixed residential and commercial to high-rise commercial Public anger to restore the Houses for a few high-income families How to Address: Think about the positive sides of converting houses to commercial use: Solve the problem of current hotel rooms shortage to add city’s convention trade Add some public entertainment facilities

Still remain the “Bullard” name
Try to add “rights of freely changing the zone area” as a binding clause into the contract

Part II
1. Your Client’s BATANA
Alternative site at $20 million - Medium
2. Other Parties’ BATANA
Luxury housing: $11.5 to $13.5 million - Strong
A Quincy Market: $20 million - Weak

Part III
Opening Offer and Basis
Up to $24 million
Past experience regarding to possible competing bids
No one else has thought of commercial use
There is a glut of high-rise office space in Gotham

Part IV
1. Potential Concessions
Honestly, I do not see any possible concessions in this negotiation. The two parties has a radical conflict of interests: the buyer wants to make...
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