Bulimia and the Effects of the Mouth

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Bulimia and the Effects of the Mouth

Bulimia and the Effects of the Mouth
Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder which includes a cycle of an individual binging and purging of food. Individuals suffering from Bulimia have an obsession with their weight, body image, and food (Venokur, 2011). After their binging period the bulimic forces all excess calories ingested out of the body by causing self-induced vomiting, misuse of laxatives, or excessive exercise (Venokur, 2011). Bulimia Nervosa is estimated to be in 5-40% of all collegiate females (Braden, 2010). About Bulimia

Bulimics are very self-conscience about their weight and have poor body image. Most bulimics maintain a normal weight range (Statistics on bulimia). Bulimia is most commonly found in females but some males suffer from this disorder as well (Statistics on bulimia). It is mostly found in teens to late twenties but can also be found into girls as young as six years old (Statistics on bulimia). Individuals suffering from this disorder secretly go on a binge of eating large amounts of food and purge the extra calories out of the body. Bulimics hide their obsession with their body image so family members and friends have no clue as to what is going on. They tend to judge their selves harshly on their body shape and flaws. Factors that can affect the odds of someone becoming bulimic are history of sexual abuse, mental health disorders such as depression, and genetic predisposition (Statistics on bulimia). Women who tend to diet more often develop bulimia (Statistics on bulimia). Also, people who participate in sports that require maintaining a certain weight, such as gymnastics, wrestling, cheerleading, and swimming tend to develop bulimia (Statistics on bulimia). Bulimia’s Damage to the Mouth

Statistics show that on average bulimics tend to binge 11 times a week (Statistics on bulimia). This abusive cycle can cause serious damage to not only the overall body but also the mouth....

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