Buisness Plan

Topics: Hamburger, Fast food, French fries Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Interview questions:
1. My buissness is a gourmet burger resturant, which we will be serving high quality burgers, poutine, fries , milkshakes and soft drinks. At the cook out you get to customize your own burger picking differnet toppings like in a subway style and you can also have the option of a chicken burger. Our meat is 100% pure angus ground beef and it will be cooked right infront of you, so you know it is fresh. 2. My target market, is the residents that live in the south end area because the south end is the most highly populated area in halifax and the citedal high school students who will always be hungry at lunch time looking for a good bite to eat. 3. Our biggest competitiors are going to be Mcdonalds, Wendys, Burger king, ect, big corporations because these companys are alreay established multi-million dollar buissness that are offering some what of the same type of service. Also our other competion is the flip burger big they serve a pretty much direct competion selling gourmet burgers but they dont off the ability to create your own burger like we do. 4. I recieved a permit from the nova scotia food and health department to open up my own resturant 5. Our promotion and advertisment will mostly come from word to mouth and also social media we will be looking to make facebook and twitter groups promoting our buissness . 6. The strenghts of my buissness are the high quality of food, which is fresh and a lot of people are looking to buy fresh food which gives us the comparitive advantage over mcdonalds and other fast food joints. The good food should build us a good loyal clientel base. Our weakness are that there is so many other options of to buy burgers yet and we are not established yet. 7. We need a 1000$ loan to buy tables and chairs for and other maintence products for the buissness. 8. I do think i coul potentialy be running a resturant buissness in the future. I dont believe it will be identical to the cook out but I could see my self...
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