Building a Virtual Team

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Building a virtual team
Saturday August 26, 2012

Building a virtual team
A virtual team is a group of individuals who work across time, space and organizational boundaries with links strengthened by webs of communication technology. Several key factors can cause a virtual team to succeed or to go down the drains such as lack of interest, lack of directions and difference of work ethic. We can describe the key challenges and pitfalls to virtual teams as such: Some virtual team lack of clear and precise directions, some team leaders just send an email to the group without precise directions and expect the project to go as smoothly as possible. My last virtual team consisted of advertising and promotion for beauty products. It was a complete disaster because the leader did not provide the group with a clear description of the products, every time I sent an email or text message I had to wait as long as a hour to get a reply back. Lack of direction and communication plays a big factor to break a virtual team. With the new technology and members of team that scattered around the world a team leader needs to be very knowledgeable and very precise. Managing a virtual team is no easy task because the face to face interaction is not present only email, messenger and phone messaging connect the group. (Gregory, 2010,) Lack of intimacy and experience between members of a virtual team is a bad because if the members do not work together the project will not last. Virtual teams should only consist of competent and experienced team members due to the distance factor which can overtly affect the timing and completion date of a project. Projects are more likely to fail if the team consists of individuals who are lazy or lack sufficient knowledge to complete their assigned tasks. It only takes one incompetent team member to have a negative effect on the rest of the team. Knowledge Building a virtual team

in a virtual group is a must because if the team leader is unable to reply to a question a member of the team can take over and help the others. (Gregory, 2010,) Face to Face meeting with virtual teams it is important to have an annual or bi annual meeting where team members get to interact one on one, this reduces friction and members can interact face to face and exchange ideas. Some companies such as Mary Kay always have an annual meeting across the US with their representative. Without the face to face meeting at least once or twice a year some members of the team with low interest will not be helpful with the success of that team and other members will have to carry the work of that member to their workload and slow down the progress. (Sasso, 2008) express his frustration with the team having trouble with is coordinating our activities. Since we are all busy doing different projects and have different schedules, it has been very tough for us to respond quickly to requests and inquiries from each other. Emails requesting input often go unanswered. Our lack of communication due to schedule differences has presented other problems for our team. Therefore, our project is moving along much slower than planned. This relates to points that Surinder presented in an earlier post about taking ownership in the virtual team. Since we are all separated and having trouble coordinating tasks, all of us are not actively taking “ownership” of the project and pushing it along. With this new world and companies that establish themselves around the world and new members the language barrier is becoming a really important and one of the key factor of pitfall of a virtual team. Virtual team needs to use one language and the most common language is Building a virtual team

English and some members with accent and traditional custom. The international teams will have a hard time to express themselves because of lack of understanding and misconception. Virtual team is very enjoyable and very rewarding of course if the members, leaders and other staff...

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