“Building a Secure Future: Seeking Practical Solutions”

Topics: Poverty, Millennium Development Goals, Development Pages: 13 (4445 words) Published: October 19, 2008
“Building A Secure Future: Seeking Practical Solutions”

The Nigerian Example

Table of Contents


Pg 4My Reality: Defining insecurity
Pg 5Poverty and Economic Insecurity
Pg 6A.R.I.S.E for Development
Aid for Development and Security
Reaching for the Millennium Development Goals
Insisting on Transparency and Accountability
Sharing Technological Innovations
Emphasis on Education

Pg 10Debt vs. Development and Security
The Bretton Woods Institutions

Pg 11Build the Youth, Secure the Future

Pg 12A more Secure Africa
Pg 13Physical Insecurity and the World’s Spirit
My Prayer

List of Sources


A.R.I.S.E, Use the Key, BUILD represents the major theme and effectively summarizes the ideas advocated in the three parts of the paper. My thesis is if we deal decisively with factors contributing to insecurity, which is defined broadly to connote a state of apprehension concerning the prospect for a suitable standard of living, we inadvertently begin the processes required to build a secure future.

The first part of the essay examines the many dimensions of economic insecurity, and proposes the A.R.I.S.E theory, an acronym for five steps that encompass: Aid for development and security, where the need for a just trade system that will benefit poor and developed countries is also cited as a sine qua non to the economic development of poor countries, Reaching for the MDG’s, where borrowing from Nigeria’s National Economic Empowerment Strategy (NEEDS), I illustrate how other countries may begin incorporating the MDG’s into their development agenda, Insisting on Transparency Accountability, where developed countries are charged to desist from tacitly promoting corruption, Share Technological Innovations, which advocates measures that can be adopted to close the development gap in the global community using technological innovations and Emphasis on Education, where direct investment in formal as well as informal education, internship opportunities and vocational training for young people is emphasized as a necessity for securing the future.

As an extension of the first part, the debt burden of poor countries is examined and a sustainable solution based on a debt cancellation formula is proffered. The role of the Bretton Woods Institutions in building a secure future also comes to focus, with a proposition that they review their operation methodologies and refrain from the one-size-fits-all approach to the development needs of poor countries, while fortifying the roles they play in the activities of the institutions.

The second part is dedicated to the youth- the Key to building a secure future. Certain measures such as capacity building, leadership training, education and partnership opportunities are emphasized as necessary steps that must be taken to enhance the capacity of youth to join in the development process.

In the third and final part, African leaders are charged to rise up to the challenge of development, while measures to curtail physical insecurity manifested as terrorism are suggested.

Finally, drawing from the remarkable response of the people of the world to the Tsunami tragedy, the role of individuals in building a secure future is stressed.

Building a Secure Future: Finding Practical Solutions- The Nigerian Example

Today should go down in history as one of the very best days of my life. You see, my school was at the center of media attention in January following violent protests by students against the lack of infrastructure (electricity, water, transportation and adequate accommodation), which made learning virtually impossible. The response by the school authorities was as automatic as it was autocratic- shut the school down till the students are clear-headed enough to realize they belong to a society where there is no electricity, water, transportation or accommodation. After two months of...

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