Building a Medical Vocabulary

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Appendix C

Building a Medical Vocabulary Ch. 2

Complete activities A, B, & C.

A.Use the word bank below to build the medical word that corresponds to each definition in problems 1-13. Click the grey box to begin typing. |-ior |later/o- |infer/o- |umbilic/o- | |-al |dors/o- |caud/o- |inguin/o- | |poster/o- |-ar |ventr/o- |hypo- | |medi/o |super/o- |-ad |anter/o- | |-ly |gastr/o- |lumb/o- |-ic |

1. Pertaining to the lower back

2. Pertaining to below the stomach

3. Pertaining to the naval

4. Pertaining to the front part

5. Pertaining to going toward the front part

6. Pertaining to the groin

7. Pertaining to the back part

8. Pertaining to going toward the back part

9. Pertaining to going toward the middle

10. Pertaining to going toward the side

11. Pertaining to above

12. Pertaining to below

13. In the direction of the tailbone

B. Define the following words or word parts.

|-ad |In the direction of |-ior |Pertaining or relating to | |-ics |Organized knowledge of |Ana- |Back, again, up | | |treatment | | | |Prone |Lying face downward |Supine |Lying face upward | |viscera- |Pertaining to internal organs |transverse...
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