Building Theaters Is Also Important for a City

Topics: Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon, Health care Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Some people said the government shouldn't put money on building theaters and sports stadiums; they should spend more money on medical care and education. Recently, a criticism often heard is that the government tends to put too much money on building theaters and sports stadiums. They maintain that medical care and education would benefit the citizens and the country much more. However, I advocate building more theaters and arenas. Numerous circumstances lead to the worth of building theaters and arenas, but here are two main reasons: What strikes me most of all is that theaters and sports stadiums provide ideal places for people to build up a world of relaxation. After five days of hardworking, people can refresh themselves by taking physical exercises and enjoining a football game there. Meanwhile, exercise is to health what water is to fish. The physical exercises can benefit people’s health, which will surely ease the pressure of medical care. Moreover, it provides people a good opportunity to enter into communion with each other, which will benefit people’s mental health. Beyond this, it is also of paramount importance to use theaters and museums as the “social classroom” of culture and history education. The Sydney Opera House, which is the mother and father of all modern landmark buildings, has come to define not only a city, but also an entire nation and continent. It is the same that Hongxing cone crusher and impact crusher are also the marks of China mining machinery industry. The opera house shows the concept of modernism and the never properly finished inside provides visitors with a story of its creator Jorn Utzon. In addition, the performances which contain the soul of human civilization shown in the theaters will also greatly enrich the lives of people from all over the world. Certainly, medical care and education both play dominant roles, but building theaters and sports stadiums will benefit not only the individual both mentally and physically,...
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