Building the Team

Topics: Employment, Goal Pages: 4 (1500 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Building the Team

I work in a team of ten people in the Payroll Department of Powys County Council. The structure of this team comprises of one senior payroll officer, one team leader, three payroll officers, three payroll assistants and two control officers. I have been employed as a payroll officer since 2007 and our main aim is to pay people accurately and on time.

Develop and maintaining trust at work – Explain how you develop and maintain trust at work and why confidentiality is so important in building and maintaining trust. Developing and maintaining trust is a two way duty, it is essential that both managers and employees share the responsibility of gaining and maintaining trust. If I as a manager am not capable of keeping my teams trust then I have no right to expect them to trust me. It is essential that I don’t take for granted the employees intelligence as people are employed within Payroll on the their skill sets and educational background, these team members have to be respected and not treated as if they were born yesterday. There are several ways that you can build trust within the team, but before this can happen you need to ensure that the trust starts at the very top since trustfulness - and trustworthiness - can exist only if top management sets the example, and then builds that example into every department and unit. In creating trust I believe the following are essential criteria’s: * Establish and maintain integrity. It is the foundation of trust in any organisation. Integrity must begin at the top and then move down. This means, among other things, keeping promises and always telling the truth, no matter how difficult it might be. If its people have integrity, an organisation can be believed. * Communicate vision and values. Communication is important, since it provides information and truth. By communicating the vision, management defines where it's going. By communicating its values, the methods for getting...
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