Building That Contributed Towards Urbanism

Topics: Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Masjid al-Haram Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: April 2, 2013
As I was asked to write about a significant building and its contribution towards urbanism in my home town, instantly I have decided to talk about a building that is one of the world most influential sites, a building that is not only rich in its unique structure, but also one that is filled with history that can only be seen as a complementary beauty to the modern fascinating construction.

As I recall the ten your old girl I was, being driven by her father to visit the sacred mosque site in the city of Mecca in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I remembered the many statements people used to compliment the place with, and even though to most it was statements revolving around spiritual thoughts, to me there was also something else that has captured me, I wont be exaggerating to state that it’s a moment that shall be a motive to my personality for the rest of my life. For as I saw the structure the site held complimenting the entire city, in a way where it defined every part of its nature. The large mountains defined the city with their rocky large formation, some of those mountains where rather dark, others where much lighter as if they were guarding the building. The eight large minarets stood in the middle of this great nature with a lighting that bought the night into day, so bright and beautiful, representing a pride that I have never seen such as before. But this was only the beginning, for what’s beyond held a magical scene that I was yet to discover as I got closer to its beauty.

At this moment, it was like love at first sight, for I wondered who was the person who designed such an artistic view, and ever since I wanted to be an architect who would design such scene that will stand through the years holding so much beauty and fascination for generations to come.

Most of the current construction for the building has taken place in the 80’s, how ever more has been developed recently, which could only be added to the fascination of ones thoughts. The...
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