Building Suburbia

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Building Suburbia Review
In this book Hayden writes about suburban neighborhoods and how they came to be and were developed. She starts with what she labels “borderlands which takes place in the 1820’s. Hayden then goes onto picturesque enclaves which starts with the 1950’s, then proceeds to streetcar buildouts starting with the year 1870’s. Then moves onto mail-order and self-built suburbs covering the 1900’s and then onto sitcom suburbs starting in the 1940’s. She writes about edge nodes in the 1960’s and lastly rural fringes covering the 1980’s to now.

Within this book she writes about the patterns of housing outside of major cities. One point I take from this book she is making is how majority of the suburbs built were built for companies private profit and costing the public money. She talks about how years and years of private profit companies have been making off of us and how it shaped our suburbs to be what we now know them as. She also states about how it has affected our gender, race, and class in modern suburbs. She also does state, but not very often of good designs of our suburbs and their development through the years and what they are today.

Hayden writes about the tendencies of upper-class living. She does so by including many detailed diagrams and pictures which I feel are helpful in relating and seeing her ideas and the development of suburbs. One thing I found interesting was the section about mail-order houses. At first I was assuming they literally mailed you a whole assembled house, but then I was like how could they do that before semi trucks. What I came to find out is that mail-order houses were houses you ordered from a catalog, but you put it up yourself or with a few helpers. She tells us about two types of mail-order houses, pre-cut and panelized. In one line she states that a panelized house could be built in a day since most were pretty small. I don’t think I saw how long exactly it took a pre-cut house, but...
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