Building Relationships

Topics: Early childhood education, Childhood, Child Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: May 18, 2012
Building Relationships
Rosalyn Stewart
ECE312: Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs (BFI1048A) Instructor: Susan Hoagland
December 20, 2010

Building relationships between the families, community and the staff are very important to the survival of the centers. The relationship between the two is so important that it one of the main factors that can contribute to the success of the center. To provide quality care within the centers welcoming parents to be a part of their child’s day, making the center open and inviting gives the indication that the centers wants the best for the children and the families. In early childhood education children and their families are essential to providing a quality program that the community will recognize. Having policies and implementing produces that welcomes families to come and visit freely creates an element of trust that both current and potential parents will appreciate. Communication is the key to any successful relationship and a parent teacher relationship is one important to the education of a young child. Opening the lines of communication between families and staff works both ways. Parents should feel comfortable with the teacher. Parents should share information with the teacher about their expectations of the class and their child. Work cooperatively with the teacher to represent the best interest of the child. Teachers should take the time to have parent teacher conferences. Doing so gives the teachers the opportunity to express any concerns they may have and the progress that have been made. This gives the parents the chance to see that teacher does genuinely cares for their child and also wants what’s best for them. It shows that the common goal is the happiness and success of the child and both are willing to work together to achieve that goal. Holding parent nights and monthly newsletters is also great way share information with parents about the centers. The parent night gives...
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