Building large factory advantage

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Factory gathers resources-workers and capital
Building a large factory near my community will improve living standard. When a large factory opens there are always various job opportunities that the people from the community can fill. For example, some people may get constructor jobs while others may work in a ready-made factory. This decreases the community unemployment rate. Hence, people will have higher income, as they will spend more money on food, clothing, attraction, etc. Also, building a factory can increase the community’s economy. More money might go to the community budget. As a result, new schools, hospitals and children organizations may be built. Building a large factory may make people’s life better in my community.

Another obvious advantage is that the factory will largely increase the tax-income of our community. Such increased tax-income can be used to plant more trees, which would improve the environment of the community. We can use such money to pave more new roads, making transportation in our community more convenient. Second of all, I think many local community facilities will have to be renovated to obtain reliable supply of water and electricity. Such convenience will of course attract more investment. We also can use such money to build more public sports center. As we know, the modern sports center will stimulate people to exercise, and regular exercise will improve people’s health.

In conclusion, I do support building large factory near my community, as it is necessary for this development to establish the optimal living level. This will help the people to have jobs. In addition, implementing a “Go Green Technology” might eliminate the environmental problems.
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