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Topics: Enterprise architecture, The Open Group Architecture Framework, Business architecture Pages: 4 (941 words) Published: August 23, 2013
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“Enterprise architecture deals with the design and implementation of the high-level structure of the enterprise. It is the result of assembling a certain number of architectural elements in some well-chosen forms to satisfy the major functionality and performance requirements of the system, as well as some other, nonfunctional requirements such as reliability, scalability, portability, and availability.

Enterprise Architecture, from a business perspective, is not about designing systems, processes, information flows or new technology, but it is about communication, risk and managing change in the organization.

This perception of EA is normally found in businesses (or enterprises) where the EA team is treating the architecture effort the same as if they are designing a software system and where the team members have not made the transition from IT Architecture to Enterprise Architecture.

Before you share information with someone in the organization, the following questions must be answered; you need to communicate with, to organize a communication session, needs to be shared, to represent the content you want to share, you are sharing the specific content and lastly you will store the content for future reference.

The first question we want to answer is why do we want to involve other people (stakeholders) in the architecture activity?

The answer can be found in the architecture concepts defined in ISO 42010, which are now widely used in the architecture community, including TOGAF® 9.1.

• The Architecture concept represent the key elements in the organization and their relationship with other elements and their environment, • while the Architecture Description is the collection of models and views that represent the architecture in documented form. • We now have people inside and...
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