Building an ethical organization

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Building an Ethical Organization Part II
Dr. Lind

Organizational ethics is the ethics of an organization, which is a very important factor for an organization, the principles, and standards. They will be expressed and shown through fairness- be sure everyone is treated fair no matter race, ethnicity, status. Compassion- show that you care about what is going on in an individual’s life. Integrity-be honest and show good character. Honor, and take responsibility of every employee as well as client. I understand that this is how an organization would respond to a particular person or situation, whether it is internal or external. Ethical leadership will lead to you having and ethical workplace.

I am the director of human service organization “The Aramis House” a Christian non-profit organization. I believe all of us have a destiny, and promise for our lives. “Aramis” mean whom GOD has promised. As a director, I am responsible for coming up with a functional mission and value statement. Our mission statement here is “to bring inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment to single mothers who feel lost and helpless, and believe there is no meaning to their lives”. We believe that every woman and mother has the opportunity to achieve her fullest potential, in spite of the setbacks she has previously faced, or is facing. The mission statement of this company will play a very important part to achieving the goals of the transitional home. It will guide all staff and employees in making the right moral decisions, as well as establish what the business does. Mission statements are crucial for companies to prosper and grow. “The Aramis House” will hold about 8-10 women and children. These women, along with their children will have their own apartment within the home so she may have own private space for her and her family. We assist these women while they pick up the pieces and make their puzzle complete; basically get on their feet. Resources like education, training, job search, housing, budgeting classes, daycare, etc. Each family will be allowed a short term stay depending on their needs and situation. We are hoping during the stay here at “ The Aramis Home” they will have found a job, can save up some money before moving out. In order for us to do so, we must be sure to follow the rules and regulations.

Here at “The Aramis House” we will expect that all of our employees exceed our highest standards of integrity and ethics in their conduct. The code of ethics that we have will be sure of that because the code of ethics is what will make a difference in our house.

“The Aramis House” Core Values are as follows:

· Empathetic: Imagine yourself in the client’s shoes. When you show empathy/concern you tend to solve clients issues better, more accurately

· Value: Always finding ways to improve the services we provide to clients. Be proactive in solving client’s problems. Use imaginative approaches

· Open-minded: Everyone’s situation is different, and so will the outcome. Do not make assumptions. Non-judgmental

· Dependable: Let the client feel like they can depend on you with their concerns and problems. Be available to them.

· Respectful: Make the client think that you will keep their information private. Explain that you are not looking down on them.

· Collaborative Effort: Work with as many outside resources as we can. Make sure that the client gets help with everything they need.

The mission is very important because this is what makes a first impression for the business. When your account is appealing then you can be sure that you will have the cliental as well as collaboration that is needed, for the company to continue on in business. Basically, it sets the tone, somewhat a form of advertising. It is an essential component of “The Aramis House” make-up. It outlines a brief description of the goals and principles and stresses the services that we...
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