Build a Bear Workshop

Topics: Build-A-Bear Workshop, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: March 27, 2011
1. Which of the marketing management concepts covered in this chapter best describes Build-A-Bear workshop? ➢ Among the different marketing concepts in this chapter, the approach followed by Build-a-bear is closest to the marketing concept. The core of this marketing concept is to find the right product for the customer rather than the right customers for a product. This concept allows the business organizations to determine the needs and wants of the target market and deliver the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently compared to their customers.

The Build –A-Bear workshop allows the customers design their own toys as per their wish which is similar to the marketing concept. The core strategy of Build-a-Bear is very much centered on allowing each customer to personally design the product he or she wants. In the wake of decline in the sales of toys due to the new innovations and sophistication in technology this Build-A-bear workshop is a good approach for the revival of the toy industry. Moreover the involvement of the customers in designing their own toys ensures the customer satisfaction as well. Unlike the other retailer shops the queue and the cost for the toy is quite high but the customers consider it as more fun, good bargain and more educational. Also the high-tech methods for making the workshop truly customer centric has made this more a marketing concept workshop. The customers can give feedback about the products then and there and they can use the material they want, the size they like, the features they are interested in and above all they make their own toy there and then. All these account this workshop to be a marketing concept.

2. How does Build-A-Bear contrast with traditional toy shops and what accounts for their sales growth in the face of declining toy sales generally? What new skills Soren and his employees have to learn if they are to develop the Build -A-Bear operation? ➢ Build-A-Bear is more of a...
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