Build A bear Case Study Marketing 2

Topics: Middle class, Customer, American middle class Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: January 18, 2015
Q.No.1: Give Examples of needs, wants, and demands that build A-Bear customers demonstrate, Differentiating each of these three concept. Need:Need is the basic element of every human life. These needs were not created by marketers, they have the basic part of the human makeup. Build A Bear customers are children and children have a need of entertainment and enjoyment. Build A. Bear provide these need in the form of toy and other children stuff. Without these kind of activity children have no life. These kind of shops and out door games is the basic need of children. Want: A middle class family want a food. It’s the basic element of life. If these class of children demand to go dinner in a five star hotel. This is a want. It’s difficult to fulfill their desires. At the same time children can play inside the house but if u can afford it than Build A-Bear build a shop for these kind of children to provide a good atmosphere in the form of toy shop. Demands: Demand depend upon the buying power of the customer. Upper classs can buy every thing at any time. That’s why Build A-Bear offer a different types of bears and toys with different price. It’s range 15$-25$. Now it’s depend upon the customer demand. If they have the purchasing power to buy a 25$ bear they can buy it if not than to switch other lower price bear. Q.NO.2: Think all of factors of Build A-Bear product. Discuss in detail the value that build A-Bear creates fir its customer. Build A-Bear creates it’s own toy. When child goes to the toy store it give s an amazing satisfaction. The toy store also care our value able customer. They can prepare these product with own imagination concept. CEO travels every time in our outlets to check the quality of our product and listen customers reviews. The basic element that Build A-Bear creates for it’s customer are following. At ‘Choose Me’ Child goes to the toy shop and choose a unstuffed animal toy that are available in the store with different prices. At ‘Stuff...
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