Build a Bear Build a Memory

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1.Give examples of needs, wants, and demands that Build-A-Bear customers demonstrate, differentiating each of these three concepts. What are the implications of each on Build-A-Bear´s actions?

Differentiating these three concepts is the key to get to a successful business. The CEO Maxine Clark knows it and puts it into practice to achieve all her goals. We can see the concept of needs when the customer has the desire or necessity to obtain this stuffed animal, also there is the part where the children are able to build their own bears in the way they can identify with it so they create a special bond. Also, there´s the essential need of humans that is to interact with someone else. This one is fulfilled perfectly thanks to the constant interaction that customers have through the process that goes from ‘stuff me’ to ‘name me’.

The concept of wants may differ between clients because of their culture and personality, so the way they personalize their toy is kind of unique. But the common want that all the customers can have is the one of spending time with their kids and creating that special union through the making of the bear. This union is the most important thing because the memory and the experience will last for a long time so it can fulfill some initial needs.

The concept of demands is seen when the customer go to the stores and demand the bears that will give them satisfaction because of the value that it has. For example the demands of the customer are pleased when there is a variation of the accessories or the clothes of the bears, dogs, bunnies, etc. because of this the client feels appreciated and approve the product that was being demanded.

Realizing the difference between these three concepts is really important because the company can understand what their customer needs so they can provide a product that can fulfill those needs and consequent the wants and desires. They need to understand what they are not...
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