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Topics: Build-A-Bear Workshop, Bear, Teddy bear Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Case 2: Build a Bear Workshop: Where Best Friends Are Made
The Build a Bear Workshop is a great idea, but it is a one-time deal. I feel that Build a Bear is a fad and that it does not have staying power. The ideas and concepts are great, and children love all the interaction involved in making their own teddy bear by stuffing it with love and giving it a heart. But, I feel that once a child has the bear or animal they wanted to create and an outfit or two, the excitement is over. They have experienced the Build a Bear Workshop and they won’t have as much drive to beg their parents as much as the first time. It is similar to the Webkinz animals, I seen it happen in my own home. Once a child has one they can access everything that is available online (just like the code givin with the Build a Bear) and they have a stuffed animal to carry around and play with. Yes, I understand that there are always new animals or accessories coming out, but like I said a child really only needs one or two outfits to be happy. I also have to say that in my opinion, Build a Bears are expensive. How many times will parents want to pay a minimum of $25 for one stuffed animal?

I would have to say that the target customer for a Build a Bear begins with a child when they see the commercial on TV or when they walk by the store in the mall, but ultimately it becomes the parents. They are the ones who make the decision whether or not to go to the Workshop and they are the ones that have to pay for the bear and accessories. To put the target customer more into perspective, I guess it would be parents, grandparents or guardians of children that are of age 1 to 10.

I think that Build a Bear is doing an okay job in generating repeat visits to the Workshop. They advertise new items, holiday items, limited items, plenty of accessories and host children’s parties. Something new they may want to try is giving out great discounts or coupons if you are a repeat customer because the products...
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