buffer zone

Topics: Psychology, Endangered species, Simeon the Righteous Pages: 4 (707 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Self Analysis

During my preparation for my speech I thought I would speak about endangered species when

at the last minute I changed my subject to tigers. I fell short on how many key points I was suppose to

bring up because I only ended up bringing up three main key points. I only ended up bring points

about how many there tigers there are left,poachers, and other extinct animals. My introduction could

have been a little more emotional and touching then the one I had, along with visuals of the tigers

instead of just the word “Tigers” and more detail on the first slide. When I started showing the pictures

of the poachers the other students watching my slide show started to get more emotional and I wish I

would have had that impact from the beginning of my slide show, also once I started putting up

numbers the students started to get a little more attached. Also I wish I would have put up a slide after I

showed the numbers left on tigers about where I got all this information, Definitely on the next one I

will be supporting my evidence from where I received it. While putting my slides together after

watching my video I would have gone with a lighter color instead of the color I went with because it

was a gloomy presentation and brighter colors would have helped out the situation. My posture during

the presentation I thought was fine but in certain moments I would get a little quite and that is not an

image that I want for myself and I would sway back in forth and stomp my right leg, I look very silly

doing that. Throughout the presentation I should have had better eye contact with the people instead of

looking at empty areas in the room, also would have made me look a lot more confident in what I am

saying. I thought that my visual aids were great besides the first couple of slides that were a little dull

and boring. While showing visuals in the slides I thought it caught...
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