Buffalo Zoo Case Study

Topics: Boss, Vice President of the United States, Success Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: February 27, 2013
The Buffalo Zoo Case Study

Donna Fernandes illustrated several successful traits of a leader as described in the textbook on page 322. Donna had drive- that is achievement, sense of responsibility, ambition and energy. Donna also illustrated motivation, especially power, honesty, and integrity. Donna also had an extreme amount of self-confidence, which she exhibited with a well thought out vision for the zoo. Some additional characteristics and achievements that may have contributed to her success as president and CEO of Buffalo Zoo; would be along with her vision she also laid out a time line of 10-25 years for the full implementation of her vision. Some other characteristics and achievements that contribute to her success at the zoo were her business knowledge. She had extensive zoological experience, including serving as curator of Animals and Education at Brooklyn’s Prospect Wildlife Center. Also, she was Vice President of Operations at Zoo New England in Boston. In explaining the leader behaviors Donna exhibits would first be her task orientation. From the time Donna applied for the position at the zoo she presented a precise plan for the zoo. Fernandes set performance goals for her subordinates such as; planning and scheduling the work, giving directions and setting standards, and also; providing resources for employees and visitors. Donnas’ illustration of relations orientation is how she showed “real” compassion for her employees’ feelings and concerns about the current status of the zoo, also; each employees’ current job position. Fernandes subordinates spoke about how she spoke her mind whether nice or stern, and her employees’ respected that along with her dedication to do what she has said that she was going to do. Fernanades subordinates trusted her they, further stating; they felt like they were working with her and not for her. Donna’s behaviors differed from her predecessors’ in that none of them possessed any of the behavior focuses. Her...
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