Budweiser Select

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Budweiser Select

With alcohol advertisements filled with half naked women selling sex, their target market is limited to testosterone driven men looking for a good time. With this limited market beer companies are stained with a lackluster name. With men being the target for most advertising, appealing to women is a challenge, one that most beer companies tried to answer with light beers. Along with not appealing to women, most light beers have been given the reputation of being cheap and lacking quality. Budweiser came up with a beer that not only tackles the weight issue, but was given a superior standing among light beers. Budweiser opened many doors to different markets with the creation of Budweiser Select, a low calorie premium beer, along with creating a new lifestyle to beer drinkers.

In the past beer advertisements have been funny, sexy, or creative, capturing a youthful market looking for the beer that will best fit their lifestyle. However a growing trend in calorie counting has become a huge issue for companies like Anheuser-Busch. In 2005 Budweiser focused marketing efforts on new trends such as the low calorie phenomenon (Korolishin). However, Budweiser did not want to just create another low calorie beer, because that’s what Bud Light was for. Instead they created a beer with no after taste. The result of the Miller company’s sudden surge of the share by claiming Miller light had less calories than Bud Light, the creation of Budweiser Select became known to the public through an add run in the 2005 Super Bowl. Later that month it was released to the public. However Budweiser didn’t want to advertise that Bud Select was a lower calorie beer, they wanted to emphasize the quality of it, leaving it out of competition with Bud light, still the number one selling beer. (Budweiser Select)

Step up to Select, the tag line that follows an innovative alcohol drink, sets Budweiser Select from a cheap beer to a sophisticated experience. Budweiser wanted to market to 25-34 year olds a new upscale beer that was premium in taste. They provided the beer in a unique “pinch neck” bottle with the common icon of a crown (NIELSEN). With efforts to market a beer away from the fun lifestyle of its company, Budweiser was able to market a beer that is compatible with a woman of today, instead of subjecting her as an accessory of a male.

When watching any sporting event a beer advertisement is expected to pop-up. Showcasing young beautiful women, buff men, lots of beer, a fun lifestyle; most people are left with a certain image of beer. However watching the oxygen channel those ads are less likely to run. With the growing trend of shows such as Sex and the City, Budweiser saw their opportunity to try and market beer to an upper scale audience that would most like order mixed drinks at a bar instead of beer. Their efforts in gaining a new audience resulted in a brand new beer. Budweiser Select contains only 99 calories and 3.1 carbohydrates, while still containing 4.3 ABV (alcohol by volume) (Budweiser Select). While still being this low calorie they focus on the brewing process and the crisp refreshing flavor, without an aftertaste. Focusing on a new market is hard. With this creation they not only were able to market themselves toward women, but also men.

Along with a new beer came a new lifestyle Budweiser had to create. A website for the Budweiser Select was a must, competing with the other beers from Anheuser-Busch. However there is a different feel to the website. When on the home page there are two different tour guides, a man and a woman. It’s your choice of who you want, giving the customer options opposed to the Budweiser and the Bud Light website where you navigate yourself. The tour guides on budweiserselect.com not only inform you of the beer and its qualities but the lifestyle that comes with it. Included on the website are fashion,...

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