Budweiser Presentation

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Team K.A.M.M
Brand: Budweiser
Team Leader:
Alessandra Coche


Krystal Pritchett
Michelle Bright
Matt Rumbley

ADV 3300 Media Planning
Spring, 2012
Advertising Media Plan Project

1. Executive Summary
2. Situational Analysis
3. SWOT analysis
4. Marketing objectives
5. Advertising Objective
6. Creative Strategy
7. Media Objectives

a. Target
b. Overall Media Budget
c. Target Coverage
d. Regionality
e. Seasonality

a. Media Mix
b. Scheduling
c. Reach, Frequency, Media Weight

a. Suggestions for Vehicle Selection
b. Media Flow Chart

8. Media Strategy

9. Implementation and Evaluation
10. References
11. Appendix

Executive Summary Our campaign has plans to look over Budweiser’s past sales in the market.
Based on its past we have understood that sales have decreased, but with our campaign we plan to increase Budweiser’s sales within 2012 year by 10 percent.
The first thing is revising how to effectively communicate to our consumer market which will increase our sales by 10 percent. With our advertising objectives bringing back Budweiser’s strong appearance to our loyal customers while bringing in new consumers. Our ads will exemplify Budweiser’s five ingredients which are high grade, fresh and the great American lager has a perfect pour. After looking at MRI data we realized Budweiser mostly targets middle aged and older males.
The target audiences are also more likely to be watching ESPN sports or reading magazines such as Dirt Rider. Beer is associated with men and sports and males have a higher chance of wanting to grab a nice cold, fresh Budweiser after watching or reading its ad due to the visual appeal. Advertising does not come cheap so we have laid out a specific budget that will assist the success of our campaign. For example television will have a higher budget with $70 million, or 59 percent, specifically going towards channels like
CBS, ESPN as well online markets like Youtube and Hulu for viewers

References: “Our Company.” Anheuser Busch. N.p., 2011. Web. 10 Mar. 2012. Segmentation By City.” City Segmentation Reports (2010): N.PAG. Business Source Complete. Web. 16 Apr. 2012. Web. 27 Mar. 2012. Drypen.in, 2010. Web. 16 Apr 2012.

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