Budweiser Beer

Topics: Mafia, Pale lager, Dialect Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: December 15, 2001
The commercial, "The Bug," is an advertisement for Budweiser beer. It takes place in a barroom that is long and narrow, typical of such an establishment in any city neighborhood. The bar itself is on the right of the TV screen, with the required mirror on the wall behind it, and assorted bottles on the counter. The over-all color of the place is dark with a typical wood bar and the colors beige and green, in various shades. In the opening shot, the bartender is setting up drinks on the counter, with the first patron arriving, saying, "How ya doin'?" as he sits down at the bar.

In rapid secession, other men arrive, each using the same greeting, "How ya doin'?" with varying inflections, but in almost the same tonal voice and with the same actions as the first costumer. The immediate thought of the viewer/listener is that the men are working class, perhaps all blue-collar workers. In addition, the general feeling is that this neighborhood bar is situated in a mostly Italian section of any city, especially where there might be Mafia influence. Those in the commercial are all men, roughly in their mid-twenties to late forties in age. They appear to be friendly with one another, and understand the meaning of the repeated greeting, "How ya doin'?".

The short phrase that makes up almost the entire commercial, "How ya doin'?" uses "ya" instead of "you" as well as "doin'" instead of "doing" which connotes the idea that these people are not well educated, or at least do not impart their education to the viewer or to one another. They are not using what would be considered formal standard English, but would be rated as vernacular English. While the dialect used to say "How ya doin'?" is almost universally recognized as Mafia or Italian, it does not necessarily denote a negative perspective about the speakers. As the commercial progresses, the viewer sees a listening device concealed in the chandelier, and then two men inside what appears to be a van...
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