Budget Cuts

Topics: Illinois, President of the United States, School Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: February 21, 2010
As most people will agree, education is an important factor to succeed. Educated people in a society stand for a successful society. The issue in Illinois is the universities aren’t being provided the funds promised to them by the Illinois State government. The schools are being forced to make budget cuts. The teachers at the schools are being forced to take furlough days, which are day they have take off with out a pay. The cause of all of these actions is due to the major debt the State of Illinois is in. The money the state should be paying the universities, the state is using it on other items. University of Illinois is one of the schools that has to take budget cuts. This is unfair to the University of Illinois because the State should be providing that money towards better education but instead it giving is using it insufficiently. As a society we believe if people are provided wit the best education then we will have a good economy and a good life. In a speech by the President of the University of Illinois the President said,” when funding for this core mission is disrupted, the entire system is threatened.” The president’s statement is correct because if the University of Illinois isn’t being funded properly then the student’s education is at risk. It is understandable that the state government shouldn’t be blamed for the financial crisis fully, but the government is the one who should provide the university the funds. The University of Illinois wants the top people their fields to graduate from this university, which will only be possible if the government gives the university the money it deserves. The state government is using the money on other things instead of giving it to the universities. This isn’t fair for the school because they have to also pay bills. When the state doesn’t provide the money to the universities, they also go in debt. Due to this financial crisis the state of Illinois is starting to become less reliable. When a...
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