Budget Cuts

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Budget Cuts can affect the Drop Rate
Nichelle Hoyt
University of Phoenix
Frank N
June 23, 2009

Budget Cuts can affect the Drop Rate
Every 26 second a teen drop out of school. (Khadaroo, 2008-2009, 1) The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) budget crisis can cause the drop out rate to significantly climb. The budget cuts will allow up to 35 students per class, no summer school for elementary and middle school level and high school will only offer classes required for graduation. In order to lower the rate of drop out we must identify the problem, then gather the necessary information about the problem, evaluate the cause and effect of the problem on society as a whole, and then try to find solution that can help all that is affect by the problem. The problem is that the budget cuts can cause a higher drop out rate in high school students. The impact of this budget cuts is very severe. In gathering the information to show that the Los Angeles Unified School District need to make changes in their approach in lowering the budget deficit in order to lower the drop out rate in teens , which significantly rising. According to California Basic Education Data System (2008) Los Angeles County drop out rate has rose from 22 percent to 30 percent within the last year. It is estimated that the drop out rate will rise up to 35 percent with the budget cuts in the education area. That’s an estimated 1 out of 3 California students will not graduate from high school. Research shows that in the urban area that African American and Latino are more likely to drop out of high school then their Asian and Caucasian counterpart. Some reports show that California is not doing enough to turn around the budget deficit and lowering the drop rate. Nationwide, 68 percent of states prison inmates do not have a high school diploma according to Dropout prevention Report. The statistics shows that the...

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