Buddhism Dbq

Topics: Buddhism, Han Dynasty, Confucianism Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Please print out the following documents and group them in a meaningful way and create an outline to tackle your essay. In addition to that write out your thesis and identify a missing voice. I encourage you to fully complete this essay.


Document 1 :
- Original teachings of Buddhism
- Said by the Buddha, no bias

Document 2 :
- Pro Buddhism
- Zhi Dun, Chinese scholar, bias upper class
- time period when China was under invasion

Document 3 :
- Pro Buddhism
- Another scholar, biased
- Compares Buddhism to Confucianism positively

Document 4 :
- Con Buddhism
- Confucian scholar, biased
- Criticizes Buddhism, saying it defies Confucian beliefs

Document 5 :
- Buddhist Scholar, biased
- Neutral perspective

Document 6 :
- Con Buddhism
- Tang emperor, biased

Documents 2 and 3 are for Buddhism
Documents 4 and 6 are against Buddhism
Documents 1 and 5 are neutral, where they do not enforce or criticize Buddhism.


Buddhism started out in India when the Buddha introduced it. Over time, Buddhism travelled to China and it was interpreted differently. Many people adopted it as a means of salvation and peace, while others rejected it and blamed it for most of China's problems. Some people, still, tried to accept Buddhism and blend it into China's unique culture. It all starts out with Document 1, explaining the beliefs of Buddhism.

The very popular belief system in China prior to the introduction of Buddhism was Confucianism. So, many Chinese officials looked to preserve Confucianism and enforce it. They did not want to replace a faith, centuries old, by a new culture not even developed in China. Document 4, by a Confucian scholar, criticized Buddhism for developing from a barbarian man who was from a different nation. He supports his claim by stating that Buddhism knows nothing of the ancient Chinese kings and defies ancient Confucian beliefs. In Document 6, Tang emperor Wu also supports this claim. He...
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