Buddhism and Siddhartha

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Siddhartha Lesson I Handout I (page l)

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A Biographical Resemblance
Because Hermann Hcsse's life and personality havc some parallels to Siddhzrrthas. ttris lcsson is designcd to alert you to similarities in the frvo and to allow you to nake some Dredictions abor.rtthe novel you are about to read. Directions: Answer the follorvingqucstions. using information found in your papcrback text and in crrcvclopcdias, especiall)' lhe EnclJclopedie Americo.r.{]and the Encgclopoedla Britannica. l. \\rhen and rvhere was Hermarn Flesseborn?

2. What was thc \.ocation of his parents and matcrnal grandparents?

3 \!'hat scltool did Hesseattend and run arvayfrom, perhaps becausetredid not want the same career as his pal'ents?

4. After leaving school. what type of rvork did he do?

5. \Vhat types of professional hclp rlid he travc in his search for peace of mind?

6. $rhat specific knor.vledge did his visit to Indi:l in lgl l give him?

7. \tr/hat part did he play in World War I?

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Siddhartha Ifsson I Handout I (page 2) 8. What important event took place in Hesse'slife in 1923?

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9. Name two themes that Hesse used repeatedly in his wriling'

and experiencesyou l0_ Reviervyour answers. Then in a paragraph list alld explain some attitudes author' anticioate that siddhartha will have if he is at least partially Patterned after the

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Siddharth?r Lcsson 2 Handout 2 {page1)



Siddhartha, the Brahmin
puzzlcd, In chapter I 1'ou read severalterms that refer to Hindu religious thought. Perhaps you ,,vere or pcrhaps you paid vcry littlc atterrtion to them. Sincc they arc important to thc story that follorvs. vou rvill neeclto clcfincthem by looking them up in a dictionary. The context oFthe story givesyou clues to ttreir meanings, but not full definilions. Yor.: rvill notice th.rt your text uses thc spelling Brahmin but nost dictionaries spell it Ijrahmcrn \'"'ith , a d r ' i r r i r s - i r r . r l r c r n a l e s p e l l i n 4 .T h c s e * p e l l 1 p g 5 r , ' u . r - d i n l c r c l r , I n g c . r b l ) a n d r ' . r u m a ) c h o o 5 c whichever lrou like better. Directions: Write down the delinition of each term (l-7), using a standard dictionary as your 'l'hcn referencc. look back over chapter 1 to answer questions 8 15. 1. Brahman (Ar encyclopedia will give you .l more complete dcfinition)

2. Brahrna

3. Om

4. Atman

5. Ablutions

6. The Upanishad

7. The Veda

8. \\rhat picturc does Siddhartha have of thc averageBrahmin?

9. Briefly describe Siddhartha.

For what hvo things does Govinda, his best friend, admire him?

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Siddhartha ksson 2 Handout 2 lpage 2)

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lO. $rhy is Siddhartha disillusioned rvith performing the ritual of ablution?

\\trat does he fear if he stavs at home and conunues in his father's religion?

I l \\rhat did the \\'ise mcn tcach about the Self?

12. \\rhat did the Upanishads teach about one's condition during sleep?

\Vtrat puzzles Siddhartha about the difference betrvcenconscious and unconscious life?

13. Urhat aLre Siddhartha's feelings toward his father? What puzzles him about the man?

14. $rhat does Siddhartha

conclude about findinq Deace?

\\4ry does he fear that he lvlll not find it in prescribed religious teachings?

I5. Horv does Siddhartha

test his father's patience arrd rvisdom at the end of the chapter?

Hou'does his father shorv both patience and rvisdom in dealinq with his son?

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Siddhartha Lesson 3 Haldout 3 (page 1)

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Siddhartha and the Samanas
Since the Samanas are not describedby most secondarysources,the textual descriptions are the...
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