Buddhism and Hinduism Morality

Topics: Christianity, Buddhism, Religion Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Every religion consists of different beliefs and teachings. One of the more common teachings among religions is the moral teachings. These teachings give you guidelines about how you should live your life in order to enter a solemn, peaceful afterlife in whatever form it may come in. The moral teachings of Christianity and Buddhism can be compared and contrasted through the roles of a God within the religion, the similarities in the commandments, and what those moral teachings are intended to do for you.

The roles of God within Christianity and Buddhism can be more so contrasted as opposed to compared. This is due to the fact that Buddhism has no all powerful Gods or Goddesses, while Christianity does have an all powerful God. In Christianity, it is believed that there is one supernatural, divine being that guides us, and whom you are obligated to worship. To a Christian, “The purpose of our worship is to glorify, honor, praise, exalt, and please God. Our worship must show our adoration and loyalty to God for His grace in providing us with the way to escape the bondage of sin, so we can have the salvation He so much wants to give us.” (Null 1:1). That proves how important a God is in Christianity. Christians believe that God is the creator of the world and gave us everything we have, and that is why we must show God so much adoration. In Buddhism however, due to the lack of an all powerful God figure, there is no strict, routine worship. The meditation that they do is entirely for them. Through meditation (a way of becoming enlightened) they can break free from the cycle of reincarnating repetitively into this world, and can finally enter what they call Nirvana. Nirvana is a Buddhist’s idea of a peaceful, serene afterlife.

The similarities in the commandments are another way that Christianity and Buddhism can be compared and contrasted. In Christianity, Christians are obligated to follow a set of guidelines given to them by God. These guidelines are known as...
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