Buddhism and Christianity

Topics: Marriage, Christianity, Buddhism Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: September 7, 2011
The second ethical issue which will be elaborated on further is marriage and divorce. The issue of marriage and divorce relates to pretty every religion. The concept of marriage within the Christian church is believed to be committing to another person of different gender to oneself for a lifelong relationship. The idea of marriage is not forced upon Christians and there is no set timeline in place to say what age you have to be married at, also a Christian is not obliged to marry another Christian. In contemporary society it is extremely common for couples to divorce. However in the Christian church when you are married it is believed it is a lifelong commitment is this is evident through the taking of the vowels where most Christian couples will state “death do us part”. This statement in the past was taking literally but now days not so much, despite the Christians church disapproval of this. In the bible passages teach us that breaking the vowels given at the altar, and also getting remarried is believed to be adultery. Many Christian believers disagree with this and even some members of the Christian hierarchy feel the same way. This was evident when the Anglican sector of the church cut ties with the catholic religion due to the disapproval of divorce and remarriage. Even though the Christian beliefs on divorce are clear cut, the fact remains that divorce is becoming more and more common in the society with live in. In the religion of Buddhism the concept of marriage is quite difficult to grasp as they don’t encourage, or discourage it. Divorce and remarriage are both foreign to Buddhist and there are no writings, or material that condones both. Unlike Christianity where there is a very big religious involvement in the act of getting married it’s the complete opposite in Buddhism. Buddhists believe the act of marriage is personal and the religious side of things should not correlate. Essentially this means that a Buddhist may marry any person they wish...
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