Bucket List Ideas

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Operation Y.O.L.O
Bucket List
By: Juan Pablo De Icaza

Before I Die I Want To…

1. Get my braces off.
2. Graduate from High School
3. Sky Dive for the first time.
4. Visit all the 50 states.
5. Bungee Jump for the first time.
6. Swim with Manta Rays.
7. Swim with Jellyfish in Palau.
8. Road Trip through the East Coast.
9. Road Trip through the West Coast.
10. Road Trip through the South.
11. Road Trip through the North.
12. Road Trip through the Mid States.
13. Meet Britney Spears.
14. Have every Britney Spears CD.
15. See Britney Live for the first time.
16. Get 5K Followers on Tumblr.
17. Visit the Pyramids in Giza.
18. Camel Ride in the deserts of Dubai.
19. Make Prank Calls with my best friend.
20. Teach someone how to swim.
21. Get in a Taxi and Yell “FOLLOW THAT CAR”
22. Learn how top lay the piano.
23. Adopt a boy in Europe.
24. Go to an Onsen (Japanese Hot Spring)
25. Propose to a stranger with a Ring Pop.
26. Attend to a gay wedding.
27. Be on a cover of a magazine.
28. Have a Disney Movie marathon.
29. Go to Paris.
30. Go to London.
31. Go to Venice.
32. Have a Gondola ride in Venice.
33. Go to Berlin.
34. Go to Ireland.
35. Listen to “Soda Pop” by Britney on a convertible car while driving next to the Beach in California 36. Go to Tokyo.
37. Go to Bora Bora.
38. Move to a different country.
39. Get my drivers license.
40. Buy a car.
41. Drive all night.
42. Buy my first house.
43. See the Northern Lights.
44. Witness a meteor shower.
45. Be in two places at once.
46. Stand under the Hollywood Sign.
47. Shoot a gun.
48. Have a White Christmas.
49. Go night swimming.
50. Lay on a White Sand Beach.
51. Surf in Hawaii.
52. Go Storm Hunting in the South of the US.
53. See a tornado.
54. Visit a haunted house.
55. See a comet.
56. Witness an eclipse.
57. Go to Tomorrowland.
58. Experience the American Holidays over there.
59. Have a Valentine.
60. Make Rainbow Cupcakes.
61. Own a pair of Toms.
62. New Years Eve countdown in Times Square.
63. Ride a motorcycle.
64. Have a slow motion moment.
65. Go Skinny Dipping.
66. See every Cirque Du Soleil in Las Vegas.
67. See Billy Elliot The Musical.
68. Go to the Vans Warped Tour.
69. Stay in every Vegas Hotel.
70. See every Broadway Musical in NYC.
71. See an Owl.
72. Have a spa day.
73. Meet Ed Sheeran.
74. Meet Lady Gaga.
75. Meet the cast of Desperate Housewives.
76. Visit someone famous grave.
77. Meet Ellen DeGeneres.
78. Visit Rome.
79. Jump on a water trampoline.
80. Learn how to tie a tie.
81. Read 100 books in 1 year.
82. Go to Disneyland California.
83. Eat Belgian Waffles in Belgium.
84. Drink Coffee in Colombia.
85. Drink Starbucks Coffee in Seattle.
86. Go to the Niagara Falls.
87. See Central Park in every season change.
88. Eat Sushi in Japan.
89. Go first class with Emirates.
90. Learn how top lay the Ukulele.
91. Visit the Grand Canyon.
92. Climb an Active Volcano.
93. Snowboard.
94. Go to a Chinese Lantern Festival.
95. Go to the Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro.
96. Go to the Summer/Winter Olympics.
97. Go to a movie premiere.
98. Ice Skate in the Rockefeller Center.
99. Visit the Yellowstone National Park.
100. Go to San Diego’s Comic Con.
101. Walk along the New Jersey Boardwalk.
102. Go White Water rafting.
103. Climb on of the world’s 7 Summits.
104. Go to a Superbowl.
105. Swim in the Blue Lagoon.
106. Visit Machu Picchu.
107. Be part of a flash mob.
108. Be part of a Color Run.
109. Ride the California Highway.
110. Scream on the top of a...
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