Bubble Milk Tea

Topics: Hong Kong, Glutinous rice, Octopus card Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: September 15, 2011
Irresistible drink in Hong Kong Summer!?

Drink is one of the best tourist magnets, whether people like or not. In Hong Kong with a bit of hot days, drinking cold drink is the way to prevent from sunstroke. Now, let’s go to Prince Edward to find out the most famous drink in Hong Kong. A shopkeeper was mixing red tea with milk busily, and the other shopkeeper was adding black glutinous rice ball and ice to the drink. After a few minutes, cups of cold bubble milk tea were served to the customs that were waiting outside. And this scene is always happening beside Prince Edward MTR B station, there are two bubble milk tea shops. One is the international biggest Bubble Milk Tea Shop “Come Buy”; and the other is a little one called “Little Giant Eggs”. Frequently, lots of people stand in front of the little shop patiently to wait for the drinks. On the other hand, Come Buy has only few customs. Stayed there for a while to count the sales volume of the two shops. Unimaginably, the little shop sold better than the large one. We need to find out the truth…… “The bubble milk tea is a traditional drink that comes from Taiwan. I think it is different from the other beverages because there are some glutinous rice - like balls in it that you can drink the thick, soft and mellow milk tea at one side, you can also enjoy chewing the gluey and sticky balls just like the gum at the same time that makes us feel to be satisfied under the nice smell tickles the tip of our noses.” said Mr. Lai, the owner of “Little Giant Eggs”. “Our shop also located in a highly popular area, it has a lot of commercial centers and secondary schools. We have lots of customs to deal with every day.”said Mr.Lai. “But however, the rent of the shop is extremely expensive that we are hard to operate. We are trying to build up some idea to balance of income and expenditure.” “Our prize can be inexpensive possibly. It is not quite dear but of course it can’t be too cheap because our...
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