Btk Killer Dennis Radar

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BTK KILLER DENNIS RADAR Dennis Radar also known as the BTK Killer was born on March 9, 1945 to William Elvin Radar and Dorothea Mae Cook he was the oldest of their four children he was born in Pittsburg Kansas he grew up in Wichita and attended Riverview School and later graduated from Wichita Heights High School, according to several reports for him as a child made some confessions that he tortured animals, he also had a sexual fetish for women’s underwear he would later start stealing panties from his victims and wearing them. Dennis Radar attended Kansas Wesleyan University from 1965-1966 then he spent four yrs in the U.S. Air Force from 1966- 1970. In 1973 he attended Butler County Community College where he earned his associates degree in electronics and in the fall he went to Wichita State University he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 1979. Dennis Radar later on in life married a lady named Paula Dietz on May 22, 1971 they then had one son and one daughter. Dennis Radar worked as a assembler for a Coleman Company from 1972-1973 which was a camping gear firm where he has two of his early victims. He then work for a short time at a place named Cessna in 1973, then from November 1974 until being fired in July 1988 Dennis Radar worked for a security company that not only installed but also sold alarms for homes as well as businesses he many other jobs but one that was bad is that Dennis Radar started working as a supervisor for Compliance Department at Park City where he was in charge of animal control, zoning, housing problems, and a variety of nuisance cases while in this position his neighbors where he had euthanized her dog for no reason on March 2, 2005, the Park City council terminated Radar’s employment for failing to report to work due to him being arrested for some murders that he was accused for five days early. Radar served as not only a Animal Control but also a Board of Zoning appeals where he was appointed in 1996 and resigned in

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