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Strategic change management
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Lo1 understand the background to organisational strategic change 1.1 Identify models of strategic change that is appropriate for British airways strategic change 1.2 Discuss how your chosen strategic change model is relevance British airways in the current economy 1.3 Discuss the benefits of your chosen strategic change models as intervention techniques in British airways Lo2 understand issues relating to strategic change in an organisation 2.1 Based on the case study discuss why you think British airways need change 2.2 Assess the factors that are driven the need for strategic change at British airways 2.3 Assess the resource implication of British airways not responding to strategic change L03 stakeholders in developing a strategy for change

3.1 Identify a system involving stakeholders in the planning of change at British Airways 3.2 Analysis the change management strategy of British airways with stakeholders 3.3 Evaluate the systems used by British airways to involve stakeholders in the planning of change 3.4 Were there ant resistance to change? If so explain

Lo4 planning to implement models for ensuring on-going change 4.1 How would you develop appropriate model for change for British Airways 4.2 based on the case explain how you would plan and implement a model for change for British Airways 4.3 How would you develop appropriate measure to monitor progress at British Airways.

1.1 Identify models of strategic change that is appropriate for British airways strategic change Models of strategic change that are appropriate for British airways are; John kotter worked out on 8 step model ,in this 8 steps of model first four steps focus on DE freezing of any organisation similarly next three make the changes in organisation and last step refreezes the organisation with new culture. According to change management gurus if any organisation need changes effectively and significantly it is best if they follow 8 steps in order mention below; * Increase urgency for change

* Team building for change
* Making vision
* Communicate vision
* Remove obstacles
* Create short-term goals
* Consolidate improvements
* Make it culture
ADKAR change model is another powerful model in change management which bring change in individuals and any organisation effectively. This model is simple to learn, focus on the outcomes and action taken for change and make sense during change of any organisation and individuals. There are five major steps in ADKAR models which are

* Change need awareness
* Willingness to participate in and support the change
* Knowledge about change
* Required skills and behaviours implementation for change * Reinforcement to sustain the change

1.2 Discuss how your chosen strategic change model is relevance British airways in the current economy In the case of British airways the driving forces to change is reduction of staffing levels on the long-haul flight. According to Kotter’s 8 steps model it helps to identify and discuss about the need of change and its urgency, it helps to build strong team that guide the company, identify and requite skilled matched people in right place for right job, it also help to established a vision and strategy for an organisation with the view to deliver quality services. It helps to communicate the essentials, simply and appeal and responds to people’s needs as in British airways it identify the reason and what they want from strike and responds positively. It helps to remove the obstacles and provide feedbacks with the view support the stakeholders of the organisation like after identification of abstract of strike they came to the decision of agreement which includes two-year pay deal and return of travel perks for thousands of staff who took part in 22 days of walkout,...

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Barney J – Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, 4th Edition (Pearson Education, 2010) ISBN 0132479060
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