BTEC Unit 2 P3

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P3= describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation. Know the purpose of managing physical and technological resources. Buildings and facilities.

Starbucks is a coffee company which is famous in the whole world. it has lots of buildings in the whole world. the stores lay mostly in the Centrum of a city. Starbucks have many facilities available. they have standard items like desks, banks, chairs, rooms and pillows, tables etc. The Starbucks buildings have the logo from their company on it so the people will know what shop it is. Starbucks in the best known coffee company in the world and that makes it easy for them to get recognised. Materials and waste.

Starbucks makes his coffee cups from environmentally friendly material. Because lots of people take the coffee outside the Starbucks store they have to make sure they don´t damage the environment. The waste has to be minimal because when they don´t do that, they can get trouble with the government about their waste. To make the coffee they need materials. To make the coffee they need to have a coffee machine and the ingredients. Equipment including IT.

Starbucks needs equipment to run the company. The equipment they need are coffee machines, a water cooker, cash dispenser, computer software like the software which is used in the cash dispenser. They need a computer to check how much coffee they sold in a day/week/month/year. The IT makes it easier to keep an eye on your sales. The ingredients are equipment which has to be standard at Starbucks. Planned maintenance and refurbishment.

All the buildings need every once in a while a maintenance. Buildings get old and the equipment will lose its power. Some material gets over date. Starbucks has to renew their products so they can keep ahead of the competition. A good working environment is good for the store and good for the workers. Refurbishment can help Starbucks to get new eco-friendlier or...
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