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P6Give feedback to a selected individual, following fitness testing, describing the test results and interpreting their levels of fitness against normative data. M4Compare the fitness test results to normative data and identify strengths and areas for improvement. D2Analyse the fitness test results and provide recommendations for appropriate future activities or training. UNIT 7

The six fitness test were carried out on Rafael, who is a sixteen year old boy who enjoys playing football and volleyball. Rafael plays football for a local team, Corfe Mullen. In his spare time Rafael enjoys playing football with his friends and enjoys going to the beach. Rafael’s diet is a little bit poor with him consuming lots of fats, from chocolate bars etc. We carried out these fitness tests to find out what Rafael flexibility, speed, cardiovascular endurance, power, muscular endurance and agility. By doing this it meant we were then able to set a realistic goal for Rafael to improve.

The first test that I conducted on Rafael was the sit and reach test, which we used to test his flexibility. After we did the test three times, his results turned out to be 16cm and comparing this against normative data his result turned out as good. Even though he was only 1cm above the good mark he was also only 1cm under the very good mark and only 9cm off excellent. However comparing these results to the class Rafael’s results turned at to be very poor as he got the worst score, however this was a small sample size. Reasons why Rafael might have got this score was because of the quality of his warm up, which meant his muscles where moving more freely. A strength following this test was his motivation levels. This was because in his first attempt he scored 6cm, what he knew was very poor, however he knew he could do better. Another strength following the sit and reach test was his score of 16cm. For a person that doesn’t do much flexibility exercises this result shows that he has good...
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