btec level 3 diploma in business

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 BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business
Question: Unit 3 – Introduction to MarketingBTEC Level 3 Diploma in BusinessP1- describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organizations.P2- describe the limitations and constrains of marketing.M1- compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in Two organizations. Answer: P1 - I am going to be talking about how marketing techniques are used to market products in two different organizations.Marketing is the process of understanding the market, within which a business operates and satisfying customers, needs in order to meet the objects of the business. The role of marketing within a particular organization will depend on the organization overall objectives. The object of many businesses is to make a profit, but it not the purpose of many voluntary and public (government owned) organization, although marketing is as equally important for them. In order successfully identify, anticipate and satisfy customer ‘needs, a businesses need to carry out market research to assess its competitive position and its customers’ needs.Once a business knows more about its customers and competitors it can set clear and smart marketing objectives.  Unit 1 Different types of business activity and ownership Pass 1 A) Type of businesses activity If I live in a city of any size especially in an area where new people are moving in people are increasingly using the Internet to find local businesses. Microsoft can't be local because people search jobs by region: United States, Europe and Asia etc. Oxfam is a local as well such as located in Watford High Street. Some of the businesses that can be helped by local Internet marketing include: chiropractor, computer retailer, travel agent, locksmith, massage therapist, insurance agent, real estate agent, mortgage broker, maid service hardware retailer, plumber, auto repair etc. How to use the Internet to market a local or regional business. There are many businesses in UK....
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