Btec L3

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Strategic management Pages: 8 (1334 words) Published: June 18, 2013
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BTEC Registration no: ____________________________________________

Centre: The Totteridge Academy

Centre no: 12274



Unit credits: 10

Start date: 16th April 2013

Completion date: 9th July 2013

Assessor: Mrs S. Christodoulou

|Criteria Reference|To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that you are able to: |Task no: |Deadline date: | |P1 |Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations |1.1 |22nd Apr 2013 | |M1 |Compare marketing techniques used in marketing products in two organisations |1.2 |29th Apr 2013 | |D1 |Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques in marketing products in one organisation |1.3 |3rd May 2013 | |P2 |Describe the limitations and constraints of marketing |2 |3rd May 2013 | |P3 |Describe how a selected organisation uses marketing research to contribute to the development of|3 |11th Jun 2013 | | |its marketing plans | | | |M2 |Explain the limitations of marketing research used to contribute to the development of a |3 |11th Jun 2013 | | |selected organisation’s marketing plans | | | |D2 |Make justified recommendations for improving the validity |3 |11th Jun 2013 | | |of the marketing research used to contribute to the development of a selected organisation’s | | | | |marketing plans. | | | |P4 |Use marketing research for marketing planning |4 |17th Jun 2013 | |P5 |Explain how and why groups of customers are targeted for |5 |17th Jun 2013 | | |selected products | | | |P6 |Develop a coherent marketing mix for a new product or service. |6 |9th Jul 2013 | |M3 |Develop a coherent marketing mix that is targeted at a defined group of potential customers. | |9th Jul 2013 | | | |6 | |

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit you should:
1 Know the role of marketing in organisations.
2 Be able to use marketing research and marketing planning.
3 Understand how and why customer groups are targeted.
4 Be able to develop a coherent marketing mix.


You work for a large marketing agency that consults for a variety of businesses on the marketing activities that they undertake in order to promote their products or services. Your marketing agency has a varied portfolio of clients and you have been given the task of consulting for one business that operates in the private sector and one in the public or voluntary sector. Your two businesses are:

● Waitrose
● Oxfam

Task 1.1: Marketing techniques used

|P1 |Describe how marketing techniques are...
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