BTEC Extended Diploma Unit 5: Business environment

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388937544450Unit 1- The business environment
Assignment 1: Business structure and
its stakeholders
P1, P2, M1, D1
00Unit 1- The business environment
Assignment 1: Business structure and
its stakeholders
P1, P2, M1, D1
Task 1: Compile two tables one for each type of business and discuss their purpose and ownership of each of two contrasting businesses. Type of Business
Matalan started off as a local business in Preston, it then became national by founding stores across England, Scotland and Wales. It then grew to become an international profit organisation by establishing stores in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. An example of a global organisation is New Look. It is a private organisation which is owned by private citizens rather than being a public organisation for example Tesco and Asda. Matalan is a tertiary sector as it involves selling the products to the consumers and businesses, advertising them and transporting them across the stores. Primary sector is the one which obtain raw materials for example cocoa beans for chocolate which are the sold in store. Then there comes the Secondary sector which manufactures the goods which is like the Cadbury chocolate bars which is made in the factories. Purpose

The purpose of this organisation is that they promise to provide exceptional value for money. They do this by selling products which are 50% off the actual high street price. They buy clothes and items straight from the manufacturer at the highest quality and they also have their own in-house design team who produce these items at a low cost and so that they can offer us unbeatable value. Another purpose of Matalan that they wish to achieve is that they want to expand their business and be number one in the market shares. As this is a profit organisation they aim to make as much profit from the stock that they buy and they sell a range of different products which includes home ware, clothes and accessories. They sell clothes from top designers like Jeff Banks, Calvin Klein and Farah. Non-profit organisations like BHF (British Heart Foundation) aim to make customers happy and work not to earn money for themselves but to give in charity. Ownership

Matalan Ltd is a private sector which is not owned by the government whereas BHF is a public organisation which is owned by the government. BHF is a voluntary organisation as it focuses on wider public benefit because the business is helping out people across the world. Matalan is a PLC which stands for a private limited company and an example of a public limited company is Microsoft. Matalan Ltd is a private limited company which has a share capital. Matalan was previously a sole trader business as it was owned by the founder of the business whose name is John Hargreaves but it has now become a partnership business as it is owned by the Hargreaves family themselves. Matalan have been a supporter of the charitable trust NSPCC since 2004 and the owner has a centre in Liverpool called the Hargreaves centre. As well as this The safe place appeal has raised £16.5 million through a combination of public funding and donations in Matalan stores across the UK. The British Museum which is based in London is a government agency and is sponsored by the government’s department which is called Department for Culture, Media and Sport through a three year funding agreement. Brown hill Playgroup Limited which is based in Blackburn is an example of a worker cooperative which means that the members of the company who work in the business own the business. This means that the workers can work in one or more roles and there is no chairman or CEO who runs the business. Matalan will be liable for loss or damage that the customers suffer of the product that is a foreseeable result of our breach of the companies Terms or their negligence. As well as this on their website they will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a virus,...
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