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BTEC Applied Science Unit 2 M1

By ZoeStarhhxox Apr 27, 2015 603 Words
M1 Explain why procedures and practices are followed in the scientific workplace (1)It is a standard procedure to brief all the employees on the rules and regulations within a specific workplace because everywhere will have a different structure in the way they work. Following the procedures and practices will conclude to the required results but also keeps everyone safe and they are able to work effectively.

Why that particular procedure is followed
An example of that procedure
What could happen if that procedure is not followed effectively Handling of Materials
To prevent any equipment being broken or destroyed by workers. Not leaving any type of glass equipment on the edge off the table. Money is wasted on buying new equipment that could be used for other more important things. Store Management

Allows everyone to work at a certain pace and control is kept within the workplace. Senior members assigning tasks of other employees to work on. The same job isn’t done by five different people wasting time and resources. Calibration of Equipment

(2) To identify any faults that may occur in experiments.
(2)To read any results at eye level to make sure they are accurate. Research could be effected if the results are wrong and they whole experiment may have to be carried out again. Maintaining Equipment

(3)The right type of equipment equals the right type of results. (3)Cleaning all the equipment on a regular basic.
(3) Incorrect results maybe recorded.
Use of Centrifuges
(4)This piece of experiment is very expensive so people must have the knowledge of how to use the centrifuges. (4)Counterbalancing the tubes inside the centrifuges.
The centrifuge will break and will prevent research from being carried out. Desiccators and Vacuum Storage
(5)To be pre-cautious when handling the sensitive item.
(5)Protecting the chemicals.
(5)Money will be required to buy a new piece of equipment.
Handling and Disposal of Radioactive Substances
There are rules of where you are allowed to dump certain substance as it may cause damage to the environment. Chemical waste must not be disposed of in a river.
They will be a fine of some sort because the substance may harm nature. Handling and Use of Glassware
(6)To handling the equipment with extra care.
(6)Checking each piece of glassware for any cracks.
(6)The glass may break and cut someone.
Handling of Solvents ad Poisons
(7)To prevent any harm to the person using the chemicals.
(7)Storing and labelling the chemicals.
(7)If any solvent in inhaled it could cause dizziness and loss of consciousness. Use of Ovens
Creating a safe environment to work with heat.
Only trained professionals should use the ovens.
The laboratory may set on fire and cause chaos.
Operation of the Fume Cupboard
(8)Protects worker and other staff from hazardous substances. (8) Never put your head inside the cupboard.
(8)They may be a possible of the cupboard catching on fire. Carrying out Tests
To make sure everyone gets reliable results.
To read results at eye level.
The whole experiment will have to be repeated wasting time.

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