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Topics: Airline, Pakistan International Airlines, Flag carrier Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Reasons for choosing topic number 17:There are more than one reasons why I have chosen this topic:An assessment of quality of corporate governance within an organisation and the impact on an organisation’s key stakeholders: which are discussed below. 1: I am personally interested in this topic area of corporate governance which I have realized during my acca studies5.And I have also a strong intention to do my masters and Ph.d degrees in corporate governance area. 2: Good quality corporate has the primary role for in achieving competitive advantage along with doing business in a sustainable way for almost all the organisations. 3:If we look at the reasons behind the wellknown corporate failures like enron and worldcom,it was either the weak corporate governance structures in these organisations or the corporate governance practices were not followed by the management of these organisation. Reasons for choosing the industry:

The industry which have chosen for my research project is the airlines industry.The reason for choosing this specific industry is that the airline industry is one of the most competitive industry and also is a highly regulated industry.So greater is the competitive and regulatory enviroment of an industry,greater will be the need for good quality corporate governance practices. Reasons for choosing the specific organisation;

The organisation I have chosed for my research project is the national flag carrier of Pakistan,Pakistan international aielines limited(PIA).The reasons for choosing this specific are as follows: I am personally concerned with our national flag carrier continuously declining performance and reputation from a very long time,although which was once asia’s leading airline. Non-compliances with corporate governance practices is one of the main reason for the overall declining performance of the Pakistan international airlines.PIA has good oppurtunities overall,a well diversified fleet,continuous government...
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