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Dear Members!
It is an important introduction how to make your RAP and what OBU requires you to complete. It’s better to read all the information provided below in order to get Pass. 01. You must be eligible to take the OBU confirm your status at MyACCA( a) You must be registered with Oxford Brookes University i.e. opted-in to the BSc degree scheme before passing any of the three ACCA Fundamentals papers, F7, F8 and F9. b) Pass the three ACCA Fundamentals papers F7, F8 and F9 and pass other papers as required to successfully complete all nine Fundamentals level papers c) The degree must be completed within 10 years of your start date onto the ACCA‟s professional qualification otherwise your eligibility will be withdrawn. d) If you have a status of ‘you have not indicated whether you want to opt in or not’ then you can simply mail to to opt you in. 02. The Professional And Ethics Module must be completed before submitting the RAP. (Dates can be found in the latest BSC Info Pack.) 03. Your all dues must be cleared with ACCA before submission of RAP. 04. There are Nine Areas which all you have to pass in order to achieve the degree. a) Seven are of the Research Report :

1. Understanding of accountancy / business models
2. Application of accountancy / business models
3. Evaluation of information, analysis and conclusions
4. Presentation of project findings
5. Communication
6. Information gathering and referencing
7. Information technology
b) And two are of Skills and Learning Statement.
1. Self Reflection
2. Communication Skills (Including presentation)
05. There should be 5 separate files:
a) Research Report.
b) Skills and Learning Statement.
c) List of References.
d) Power Point Presentation.
e) Appendices (first appendix for financial statements only, notes to the accounts should not be included. If necessary, then you can include them in the List of References file & a second appendix only for the Ratios Calculations should be made.)

06. There should be a Title Page of your each file mentioning file name , words count e.g. (Research Report, 6500 Words) your name, ACCA number (ABCD GHI, 1234567) also company name & its Financial Year End, topic name and topic number. E.g. An evaluation of the business and financial performance of XYZ Co between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2012 (Topic 8).

07. If you are preparing RAP on Topic-8 make sure you must use up to date & Audited Financial Statements. Even the company’s year end should be same (Jan to Dec or July to June) and company must have an industrial competitor for the comparison with same year end. 08. For the purpose of Financial Analysis of research report on topic – 8 you should calculate: a) Financial Analysis (G. P. Margin & N. P. Margin).

b) Short term Solvency Analysis (Current Ratio & Quick Ratio). c) Long term Solvency Analysis (Interest Cover).
d) Shareholder`s Investment Anaylsis (EPS, DPS & Dividend Payout Ratio). e) These ratios are enough for the analysis.
09. For the purpose of Business Analysis on topic – 8 you should incorporate two business models:
a) SWOT should be included no matter if you don’t even want to. b) PESTEL or FIVE FORCES can be the second one.
10. Structure, word count and presentation of RAP
Words are limited to 6500 Words. Your research report should be in the format given below: 1) TITLE PAGE
3) PART 1 – Project objectives and overall research approach – 1,000 words a) The first part of your Research Report ‘sets the scene’ It should include the following:
i) Selection of Topic.
ii) Reason for selecting topic 8.
iii) Selection of Organization.
iv) Reason of selection of Organization.
v) Your project objectives.
vi) Research questions.
vii) An explanation of your overall research approach.
PART 2 – Information gathering and accounting / business...
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