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You work for a financial planning organisation that manages thousands of clients’ portfolios and accounts. Recently there have been several changes in the industry that affect clients who have share portfolios. For some clients, the changes will have a negative effect on their investments while other clients will be receiving good news. You have been asked to write a letter to all the relevant clients asking them to attend an information session regarding the changes that will affect their share portfolio performance. When writing a business letter the first thing to determine is its purpose – ie what it is intended to achieve. in a short sentence, explain the the purpose of this letter. (For example, will it be used to provide information, ask a question or persuade people to do something?) The purpose of this letter is to inform the stakeholders about an information session where the main topic of the session will be about their investments as well as recent changes in the industry that will affect their investments.

What type of audience will the letter address and what sort of information should you consider including? This letter will mainly be addressing those who have investments in the organization as well as other stakeholders that are involved with the organization. The information in the letter would mainly consider information that has changed such as the industry changes, information regarding their investments and their portfolios and the time and location of the meeting as well as the date. It's critical though to not point out that anything has changed significantly or to make the stakeholders or investors scared/frightened that something has negatively happened. The information should be restricted to the bare basics and shouldn't include much about the topic of the meeting apart from what is going to be talked about, where the meeting is as well as time and date.

Write the letter and upload it for assessment. It should be formatted in a manner that would be appropriate for a business (if participants are working they should follow organisational expectations) and spelling and grammar must be accurate. See Section 1 Business Letter.docx

Why do you need to consider appropriate formats when planning to prepare a document? You need to consider appropriate formats when planning to prepare a document. It doesn't matter whether the document is formal or just a letter that needs to be sent to the company staff, a document should be formatted in a professional manner and should also be done in an appropriate format. You need to consider margins, borders, headings, pictures (possibly), correct grammar and spelling as well as appropriate spacing.

You are preparing a proposal on behalf of your organisation. The proposal is for your organisation to exclusively provide training services to local government offices across the state. In two weeks’ time your manager will be presenting this proposal to the executive team of the local government offices. Your manager will need to provide local government executives with some documentation at the presentation. The proposal package consists of the proposal document that is 97 typed pages along with an appendix that contains complex graphics and pictures to support the proposal document. Describe the most suitable means of communication for presenting this document. For a document of this size the most suitable and effective means of communication would be through a power point presentation as well as a personal packet for the members of the government office. If you can transfer the 97 page proposal onto a power point, it can keep the members minds in the office active as well as have their attention. With them also having their own personal packet they can write and take notes on it to their liking.

You are planning for the end of financial year document to be developed. What are some requirements that you would have to take into consideration?

You would...
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