BSBWRT401A Assessment 1 Yang Liu

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BSBWRT401A Write complex documents

Assessment 1.


Activity 1: Determine the purpose of documents

You work for a financial planning organisation that manages thousands of client’s portfolios and accounts. Recently there have been several changes in the industry that only affects clients who have share portfolios. For some clients, the changes will have a negative effect on their investments and for other clients, this will mean that they will be receiving good news. You have been asked to write a document to all clients that asks them to attend an information session regarding the changes that will affect their share portfolio performance. 1. Describe the purpose of this document. (For example, is it trying to persuade or make a proposal?)

2. Describe the type of audience that the document is aimed at. What should you consider?

Activity 2: Choose appropriate formats for documents and establish means of communication

1. Why do you need to consider appropriate formats when planning to prepare document?

2.You are preparing a proposal on behalf of your organisation. The proposal is for your organisation to exclusively provide training services to local government offices across the state. In two weeks’ time your manager will be presenting this proposal to the executive team of the local government offices. Your manager will need to provide local government executives with some documentation at the presentation. The proposal package consists of the proposal document that is 97 typed pages along with an appendix that contains complex graphics and pictures to support the proposal document.

Describe the most suitable means of communication for presenting this document.

Activity 3: Determine requirements of documents and determine categories and logical sequences of data, information and knowledge to achieve document objectives

1. You are planning for the end of financial year document to be developed. What are some requirements that you would have to take into consideration?

2. In preparing the bi-annual sales figures report, what would be the most logical way to present the data and information?

Activity 4: Develop overview of structure and contents of documents

1. How you can develop an overview of the structure and content of the document.

2.Why do documents need to be structured?


Activity 5: Review and organise available data, information and knowledge according to proposed structure and content

1.When communicating, messages must be appropriate to the needs of the audience, the subject and the occasion. Describe five of the points that you should consider when communicating.

2.Every composition, whether it is a short business letter, an article in a magazine, a set of instructions, or a long report, should be undertaken in four stages. Describe those four stages

Activity 6: Ensure data, information and knowledge is aggregated, interpreted and summarised to prepare text that satisfies document purposes and objectives and include graphics as appropriate

1.Summarise the structure of a long report.

2.In many instances it is a good idea to use graphical representations to support the text in reports or business documents. Conduct research and find graphics or illustrations that might be used in documents providing information about the following: a. Organisational profit and loss figures

b. An increase in sales in an organisation

Copy and paste these into this document. You can also attach separate files with the graphics and provide the names of the file underneath.

Activity 7: Identify gaps in required data and information, and collect additional material from relevant enterprise personnel and use language appropriate to the audience

1. What is the difference between fact and opinion?

2.What is the difference between an...
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