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Activity 3_1

Time stealers
Yes/ No
Can be by me—yes/ no
Interruptions – telephone

Interruptions – personal visitors

Mail and email


Tasks you should have delegated

Procrastination and indecision

Acting with incomplete information

Dealing with team members

Solving problems that should be solved on the floor

Crisis management (fire fighting)

Unclear communication

Inadequate technical knowledge

Priorities and expectations of others

Workload from unrelated sections/ divisions

Rework and mistakes

Waste management

Unclear objectives and priorities

Lack of planning

Stress and fatigue

Inability to say ‘No’

Desk management and personal disorganisation

Lack of competence – self or others

Paperwork and routine trivia

Double handling of work – doing what someone else is doing

Shifting goals

Attempting to do too much

Lack of confidence

Lack of authority

Mail and email
Time and time again I find myself being caught up reading emails whilst focused on other activities in my day job. Unfortunately due to my profession, work emails are a very regular occurrence meaning I am regularly distracted. It has recently been suggested to me to close off emails and read/reply in specific blocks which I have accounted for. This is something I have only just started doing but I have found that I am a lot more structured in my day and less distracted.

I’ve established there are 5 main points to ensuring meetings are effective and productive. This is critical for me in my day job as currently, I would spend about 8 hours in meetings a week. Ensuring these meetings are quick, to the point and effective will free up both mine and other staff members time and ensure we are all best utilising our time at work. 1....
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